Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tom Brady makes it look easy

Is it Sunday yet? Patriot football is back with a bang. Tom Brady brought his UGG's and talents to south beach last night. The offense was firing on all cylinders. Aaron Rodgers is not the only one who is going to be slinging it around this season. It's pretty bad when a player gets cut from the team the next day for getting lit up all night. Benny Sapp who was burned by Wes Welker for a 99 yard touchdown is no longer employed. The Patriots tight ends combined for 13 catches, 189 yards and 2 touchdowns. They are both primed to have monster seasons. Tom Brady finished the night with 517 yards and 4 touchdowns. He set a franchise and career high for passing yards. The scary part is Chad Ochocinco only had 1 catch for 14 yards. Chad Ochocinco is still clearly behind. As he starts to become more accustom to the Patriots playbook, he is going to only make things more difficult for opposing teams. 

The defense on the other hand still has some work to do. Their are a lot of new faces on the defense, so it is understandable there will be some growing pains. They gave up 488 yards given to the Miami Dolphins offense. Although that is a lot, it really does not tell the whole story. 211 of those yards came on the last 3 drives while the defense was playing the lead. As far as what stood out on the defense, Albert Haynesworth played very well. He was having his way with the Dolphins offensive line.  Also, Ras-I Dowling's coverage against Brandon Marshall and overall was solid.  The Patriots defense is only going to get better.

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